Junior Chamber International Macao

JCI Four Areas

Junior Chamber International’s program stems from four areas of opportunity through which members can acquire or refine leadership skills and benefit society mutually. The areas are:


JCI provides its members with the necessary contact, leadership, and personal business growth through numerous forums and programs to develop themselves as young entrepreneurs and business executives. The JCI Business Academy offers members the opportunity to certify their business skills, and is the first worldwide JCI program operated totally from the web. JCI strongly supports business development in all lands as a means to eliminate poverty and human suffering.


Activities within Junior Chamber are geared toward increasing individual members’ personal development and helping them to reach their full potential. Junior Chamber provides members numerous opportunities to develop skills as officers and project leaders of local and national organizations and of communities. To provide members with the best personal and development training. JCI offers many programs as well as certification from its International Training Institute. By helping individual members acquire experience as decision-makers, JCI contributes to the development of tomorrow’s community and business leaders.


JCI believes its members are an investment in the present and future well-being of their communities. Junior Chamber members agree, strongly endorsing the philosophy “think locally, act globally.” Members and community sponsors alike know that helping their community has an impact on their state or region, that a regional project will benefit their nation, and that works performed on a national level can have a tremendous impact internationally. Affirming the final line of the JCI Creed, “That service to humanity is the best work of life,” members plan and carry out tens of thousands of JCI projects each year in thousands of communities, making a positive impact on society.


In an increasingly interdependent world, members realize the need for international collaboration, tolerance, and peace. JCI offers members numerous opportunities to understand and be involved in global issues. Through international conference, academies, programs, Twinning (sister-chapter relationships), and business exchange, Junior Chamber enables members to promote goodwill and attain a deeper understanding of the global challenges of tomorrow.