Junior Chamber International Macao

About This Website

Thank you for visiting www.macaujc.com.mo, the official website of Junior Chamber International Macao, China (JCI Macao, China).

Understanding the actual needs and limitations is the most critical criterion in constructing a website, albeit it may sometimes be neglected in reality. Therefore, this website is technically constructed from a dynamically technical perspective, but without employing any read-made content management or publishing systems. Instead, it was constructed from scratch to avoid complex coding and programming as far as customization and discontinuation are concerned. Despite this, everything is templatised here to make publishing and revising content an unparalleled ease.

In addition, branding is also a key component that we incorporate into our implementation. The official logo is therefore consistent with the corporate identity throughout the entire website; all colours being employed are strictly under the guidelines provided by Junior Chamber International.

The third key criterion that we deem to be highly important is its exposure and connectivity amidst the Internet environment, especially in terms of its search engine rankings. Since the start, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have been our top priority to ensure that the website always tops the search results, by using JCI- or Macao-related keywords.

The Secretariat