Junior Chamber International Macao

Message from 2020 National President
Junior Chamber International Macao, China


Junior Chamber International has proudly served local communities all over the world for over 100 years. Each year, global active citizens prepare and equip themselves for another mission-driven year. Everyday, we remind ourselves that our mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young active citizens to create sustainable positive impact to their community.

For the past 36 years, under the excellent leadership from our Past Presidents and the selfless contribution from our members, JCI Macao, China has developed into an exceptional organization. We pride ourselves on inspiring local young active citizens to become the positive change that we seek while humbly grow with our community.

This year, our goal is to “L.E.A.D.”. We wish to spread “Love”. Not only to love the ones you have always loved, but also to love the ones who are different from you. We strive to “Exemplify”. As JCI members, we must lead as a living example and to inspire the people around you to be better. We must “Act” to demonstrate how ideas and purposes are transformed into actual work. We must also “Dream big” and work towards your wildest dreams in order to achieve something you have never dream of.

This year has begun, we hereby sincerely invite you my friends to set off this journey together with us in creating positive changes in the communities, I am confident that, 2020 will be another impactful and inspirational year for all of us.

Together we love, we exemplify, we act and we dream.

Luciano Conceicao Goncalves
2020 National President
Junior Chamber International Macao, China
JCI Senator No. 78208