Junior Chamber International Macao

Message from 2021 National President
Junior Chamber International Macao, China

Greeting everyone!!

The COVID-19 pandemic leads to a New Normal that affects everyone’s daily life and impacting all human behavior. For the past 37 years, our past national presidents and all seniors leads JCI Macao, China, in excellent efforts, which tremendously contribute to our community and impact others globally. By inheriting this successful spirit, I believe every JCI member, as an active citizen, will advance the New Normal on the path to success and create positive impact to the community.

JCI always encourage its members to be active, create impacts, and show our community that we provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. We, JCI members, build friendships, networks, and are happy to see a growing number of young active citizens and leaders to come along and create positive changes in communities.

“Service to humanity is the best work of life.” is one of the most important value of our organization. We are here to serve others, transform impact and learn from the progress, and to develop ourselves. So, please join us and serve our community to create sustainable and positive impact together. We believe our organization will unite all sectors leaders to make our community a better place and extend it to create a better world.

Finally, I wish you very success and prosperity in 2021, and hope this year will be a memorable and fruitful year.

Leong Wai Kei, Ernest
2021 National President
Junior Chamber International Macao, China
JCI Senator No. 74524